How to choose your logistics partner?

Outsourcing logistics? Yes but with a reliable partner. That’s the first important element that arises when finding a good logistics partner. Today, companies need a strategic partner that enables the development of their business. To help you choose your future partner, here are 7 factors to consider.

1. Expertise

The expertise in the specific needs of the company is a crucial element. The needs of the catering industry, for example, are very different from those of a company specializing in the production of vaccines. You’ll need a different type of vehicle, another temperature to ensure the quality of the goods, another handling method etc.

But before choosing a partner, identify your specific needs. Most logistics service providers have a speciality in a certain area of logistics. A partner whose speciality has a positive impact on your business, that’s a perfect match!

2. Customer service

Does the logistics provider prioritize customer service, responsiveness and problem-solving? These elements may be difficult to determine at first, but inform yourself on these key elements.

But what is excellent customer service? Making sure the customer is happy about the total logistics service. Satisfied with the service provided, and with the sales, onboarding process and other components of the purchasing process.

Almost all companies claim to have excellent customer service, but how do you know if this is real? Ask their customers. Ask for referrals, preferably to companies with needs that are similar to yours.

Good customer service is not a coincidence. If it’s still excellent, it’s probably the result of a well-documented and repeated process that will continue over the years.

3. Flexibility

Flexibility is the watchword. Your partner should be flexible when it comes to accepting and following the changing needs of customers or markets. If your company has special requirements or may need to rush things, you must know the potential response of your logistics provider. Will he be able to respond to your needs?

4. The reputation of the company

In a new business agreement, you can be sure that the business relationship will be tested at some point. It’s often at this stage that the leadership character of the logistics provider will be revealed.

Before it is too late, determine if the supplier is likely to react with integrity and honour. Time will tell if the company has a good or bad reputation with customers, suppliers and employees.

Once you’ve built a stable and positive relationship with your logistics partner, you know their strengths and they know yours. When you’re choosing a logistics partner, you’re not looking for only good transport. You’re looking for more than that: get the job done on time, trust relation, provide unparalleled and spotless service, add value, and save you money.

5. Experience

From the experience of your logistics provider will result in the quality of the service that you will contract. As in any industry, this factor is a good way to measure a company’s skills. Thus, they can not only provide you with good service, but they can also advise you on best practices and improvements to your own delivery process. Ideally, your partner already works with a business similar to yours.

At Shippr, we know that the shipping needs of each company are different, which is why we adapt to the needs of each of our customers.

6. Speed

Same-day deliveries are part of your daily logistic? Ensure that your future partner can guarantee express delivery.

And for your company, what is absolutely indispensable in a business/transportation and logistics partner?

7. Value for money

Last but not least, the price. Don’t be tempted to go for the cheapest option, quality is more important. Look out for hidden extra charges and make sure you pay the right amount at the end of the month.


We hope we succeed in giving you more insights on this subject. If you have any questions feel free to reach our Shippr team at “”. You can also connect with the team on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn!

*Article initially published on Medium 30/04/2019

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