How to set up a delivery service?

Are you a start-up, an SME or a multinational? The delivery is an important element in your business or you want to develop your business by offering new services to your customers? Then set up a delivery service, it’s highly valued by consumers. This will allow you to target a wider customer base and increase your sales. Of course, its implementation must be thought out to not feel overwhelmed by the extra activity and to avoid a poor quality service that negatively impacts the image of the brand. Several solutions are possible.

*Article initially published on 04/12/2019

Delivery, the critical point of the purchase process

For consumers, the delivery of their parcel is the critical point of their purchases. For this, you have to choose the right logistics provider and the right carrier. The cherry on the cake, providing an excellent customer service that provides all the necessary information. Customers don’t just want to be delivered as quickly as possible but they also demand optimal communication. To do this, information is essential. They need to know at all times where their order is. If the parcel is in preparation, awaiting pick-up, in delivery or sent by the carrier.

1. You deliver yourself

If you make the delivery yourself, you must equip yourself with a suitable vehicle (refrigerated vehicle or not). From a certain volume, this solution will not be interesting because you will have too many goods to ship. Besides, you will be less focused on your core business unless you hire someone to deliver.

2. You hire a contract carrier

A contract carrier can be very effective. Moreover, by wearing your colors (sweaters, jackets, T-shirt), it can make you gain visibility and some brand awareness. But it’s a cost to recruit additional carriers to make deliveries. Unfortunately, if the number of deliveries is too high, it will be impossible for him to do everything. When there is a dip in the activity, it can also be very expensive.

3. You use an independent carrier

Outsourcing deliveries are a very effective solution if you have a good organization. A lack of organization and communication between you, your carrier and your addressee can impact the quality of service and your brand image.

4. You use a digital delivery platform
The digital platform, linked to a mobile application that equips the carrier, allows the exchange of real-time information and real-time delivery tracking for you and the recipient. You can then focus 100% on your core business. Enter your destination and the platform will calculate your route.

Instant urban delivery
Instant urban delivery is trendy and an optimal solution for traders. This urban logistics solution facilitates last-mile delivery in the country. Not only in the countryside but also in the city center which presents heavy constraints in terms of traffic and parking. This delivery solution offers real flexibility in delivery times.


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