Isothermal boxes & cold chain intelligence

Think into the box! Nowadays traffic jams aren’t a surprise anymore. But you can rely on re-usable isothermal boxes, specific boxes for the cold chain sector used for already many applications. It protects its content from thermal changes and is ideal for temperature controlled transport. Isothermal boxes for food transport are a valuable tool for the food and beverage industry, catering industry and above all by operators of the e-commerce. But what is it? Is it recyclable? Is it resistant? Is it a long-term solution? How is the maintaining process? Find your answers in this article.

*Article initially published on 03/07/2019

The isothermal boxes ensure a high quality of your chilled and frozen goods, complying with safety rules while you combine the boxes with your other parcels. Easy, flexible and a great temperature guaranty, isn’t it?

Hygienic, resistant and 100% recyclable

The perfect product for pastry shops, canteens, catering and meal delivery services? An isothermal box! This type of box is often used to safely deliver food and medical products. Why? Because it’s resistant, hygienic and has great temperature control.

The insulation in an isothermal box guarantees the preservation of the hot/cold chain during transportation. When sensitive or perishable food is moved from one place to another, an isothermal box is a temporary source of temperature control. For example, for pizza delivery, you can use those boxes because it keeps the pizzas warm so they don’t cool before the customer receives them.

You can re-use the same box for 2–3 years. At its end of life, the material of the isothermal box will be re-used to produce new boxes.

Maintain the temperature

The box not only has to keep the content cold in a long period of time but also has to respect a storage temperature restriction. In addition to maintaining heat, thermal insulation can also keep items cool. Perishable and frozen foods, as well as medical products, must be kept at certain temperatures during transport.

Eutectic plates (cold accumulators) can be placed in the insulated boxes to complete the insulation. This is a good solution for the transport of vaccines or food products but only for short distances.

An isothermal box helps to maintain the cold chain conditions during transport and keeps temperature-sensitive products cool.

The inside

The inside of an isothermal box contains insulation, often in the form of padding made of metallic material. For food and other items that need to be kept warm, the metal material helps to transfer any heat that has been removed to its original source. Padding and metal materials keep the heat inside the box as long as it stays closed.

Maintenance of the boxes?

On the maintenance side, these boxes are safe for the dishwasher and resist external heat. It’s also possible to have temperature readings inside the boxes.

Temporary solution

Thermal insulation is a temporary solution to maintain the temperature and shouldn’t be replaced by longer-term solutions, such as a refrigerator.


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