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When managing a delivery service, we’re regularly confronted with delivery constraints. Often inherent to a logistic activity, logistical constraints occur at all levels of the delivery process. Capacity and availability of vehicles, handling, traffic, accidents, organization, costs, etc … it all has a significant impact on the progress of the delivery of parcels. Each constraint must be managed in the most efficient way possible.

*Article initially published on 27/12/2019

How to manage different delivery constraints?

What is the best way to manage its constraints when they are numerous and varied?

Some may conflict. It’s therefore important to establish an order of priority between the constraints. According to the management of the company and its delivery service, with its priorities, one or the other constraint will be prioritized.

A company that focuses on profitability as well as the speed of service, will have to choose what is more important. Thus, to maximize the profitability and speed up the deliveries, it’s necessary to optimize the resources (material and human), as well as the transit of deliveries. Customer satisfaction must be placed at the heart of the company’s concerns.

Constraints to master to improve customer satisfaction

“The best advertising is a satisfied customer” (Bill Gates). There is nothing worse than a customer who is not delivered according to his expectations. Expectations are endless: delivering the right product, charging at the agreed price, and most importantly, delivering on time and at the right place. Optimal management of shipping and delivery times is therefore essential. There are also other elements that play a crucial role for consumers.

What are the perfect masteries for an optimal delivery process?

  1. Specification of delivery schedules

There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than getting stuck in the office because they have not been told a time slot. To increase the productivity of the carriers, it’s necessary to manage the constraints of delivery. In addition, it’s important to respect the slots.

2. The reachability of the carrier and the delivery company

For a delay, a last-minute change, or simply, to know when the carrier will arrive, customers appreciate that the carrier is reachable just in case. Communication between the customer and the delivery company is just as important as communication between the delivery company and its professional carrier.

In case of a question or a claim in relation to delivery, the customer contacts the delivery company. But if it turns out to be unreachable, the customer will be frustrated and worried about his goods. He will probably judge that the company has something to reproach himself for. This will impact customer trust. After-sales service plays a key role in this communication.

3. Notify the customer of future / pending delivery:

Nobody likes to be in uncertainty. That is why it is always good to confirm to your customers that their order has been taken into account (digitally or in a traditional way). Communicating with your customers throughout the routing process to their door is super important. Do not only communicate delays, program changes, and delivery cancellations. Call the customer on the phone or send an e-mail to talk about the situation or to make a commercial gesture so as not to lose the customer and possibly retain the customer.


Meeting all these constraints of the delivery process seems simple in theory, but extremely complex in practice. We must not only optimize human resources, but we must also optimize the transport of goods. Fortunately, there are both effective and practical solutions to achieve this: delivery optimization software.

Thanks to certain tools, it’s possible to optimize the kilometers, routes, and schedules of deliveries. But also to maximize your resources, while meeting the different constraints of customer deliveries mentioned above. With the right route optimization software, you’ll simplify your logistics and improve your delivery process.

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